Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Lucky Portuguese Cannonball

A lucky cannon shot hit the Dutch invasion's munition ship, in the early 1600s; the Dutch thought the Portuguese had some mad weaponry, and fled. Thereby leaving this strange little enclave of Portuguese, Cantonese, African and Las Vegan culture on a peninsula and a few islands in the south of China -- Macau is far enough from Beijing, and certainly different enough, to feel like a foreign country.

A brief entry today, just to let the Melon's readers know this correspondent's location. More stories to follow, I'm sure: gambling, a beautiful wedding, Russian exotic dancers, guitar-wielding trios, and wine...and rain...

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Kyle said...

Surprisingly little rain (with the exception of Friday) and not a lot of gambling... but the wedding was beautiful (if I do say so myself) and there was plenty of wine and tasty Portuguese cuisine. So I guess we should thank the cannonball that we weren’t eating raw herring with onions and drinking Karnemelk!