Friday, January 19, 2007

The Last Day of Class

It's the last day of class today. The class, English media studies for professional Chinese journalists and business people, has been an eye opener. Until a few months ago, I'd only taught wide-eyed young university students, whose enthusiasm and innocence were large and of equal measure. This group is older, smarter, sarcastically funny and very plugged into what's happening in the world and Beijing at the moment.

Our first class began with an article on the richest people in China. From there, we had a meandering syallbus of current events, ethics, and hot topics that took us from American politics to sex education for prostitutes in the northern city of Harbin.

For our last class, we'll be discussing an Onion article I gave them, on 800, 000 privileged youth volunteering to go to Iraq...would that it were so. I'm really curious whether they're going to get it, and how they're going to answer the question that I gave them: What or whom is this article trying to criticize?

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